Cat vs pill

I suck at this! My neighbour makes it look so easy to give her cat a pill. Even Coke will tolerate her giving him a pill. Needless to say you can imagine what happens when I try. Cat turns into snake, eel or a greased pig!Even if I get him to staystill he grabs on with both paws and shoves my hand away.

My german shepard Sash was easier than this and he was HUGE!

Regardless I am keeping at it. No pill, no FOOD! Eventually Coke will catch on. He has adapted quite well to coming and asking to be fed.

Meanwhile poor Kenna sits and watches the whole thing while waiting for her food. lol She looks like she swallowed a volley ball, so waiting to be fed won't kill her. She doesn't eat, she inhales. Hers AND whatever Coke leaves behind! I should have named her Hoover.

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