Adversity brings out the worst in some people

Things have been going better with Coke. I can't leave dry food out for him to graze on all day anymore, but he is getting the idea of coming and asking for me to feed him. I have been feeling much better about the future.

I live on a disability income. I do not have a lot of money, I go to the food bank and I do without a lot of things. My internet is my one luxury and helps me keep in contact with the world.

A friend's comments regarding my situation with Coke have hurt me deeply. She has told people that I must be lying about being poor, since I spent a few hundred on Cocoa. I cashed in some emergency mutual funds that I had intended to use to go visit my aunt later this year. I will not be going away now, I will not be getting my vehicle fixed etc. 

Being poor sucks, but it helps you see what is really important. And it bothers me that I feel I have to jusitfy my actions (okay enough with the tears)

Coke can see I'm upset and is being a pest. So it's time to go have a cuddle.


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